♫ I find your golden essense is blinding me.

    I find your golden essense is blinding me.

    022614 | It’s Been 6 Years

    I find that I only have covers to share, rather than original music, recently. I also have moved away from the sound of the acoustic guitar and into the realm of FL Studio. Oh, and let’s not forget that I’m moving towards being a rapper than a singer. There has been many changes in the last 2-3 years as a now aspiring rapper who produces her own beats.

    And so unfortunately for those who prefer my acoustic work, I will not be making anything new. I would still like a chance to record my old work again with more attention to detail, but I do not think I will be making new songs on my guitar again. It’s mainly because I have not made time to learn anything new with the guitar and songs it begin to sound all the same.

    After six years of music, this is the observations I’ve made about my progress in music. For the next few years, I am hoping to collaborate with those who wish to collaborate with me. I’ve already written and recorded alongside a great supporter and friend of mine, had some ask to be featured in my original work and produced a song for another friend of mine to perform. I wish to join or establish a group of producers/artists to learn from and even work with at some point.

    Then again, I could just be considered a hobbyist in this field.

    나쁜 손이 어딜 자꾸 올라오니 어쭈?

    ♫ 어디론가 나를 떠나버린 천사 같은 너.

    어디론가 나를 떠나버린 천사 같은 너.

    내 마음 안에서 너만. 빼면 돼 널 떠나. 그래, 이젠 지워갈래.

    멀리 조금 더 멀리 내게서 더 멀리 도망가.

    ♫ Is it not natural to be a little bit out of it?

    And he got all the people now moving to this addicting sound, and he got me wondering, “How the hell this beat got around town?”


Asian (adj.): Of or pertaining to Asia or its inhabitants
Alien (n.): a person who is not included in a group; an outsider

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